Lone Locator

Businesses are always looking for new ways to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and better protect their workforce. Tracker Security's Lone Locator is a complete system providing businesses with the exact location of their employees and their safety status.

Lone Locator allows you to:
•  Monitor and track employees
•  Hold two-way discussions using the GTS device
•  Receive alarms from field employees
•  Evaluate device status (low battery, device turned on/off)

Parts of the Lone Locator System:
• GTS-200: Shock/waterproof GPS/GSM device with panic button
 Mobile and Internet software to monitor and react to emergencies
• Inexpensive data plan

Lone Locator is a modern solution for companies looking to protect their employees, and improve employees management. With faster response times, exact location reports, and emergency alarms, Lone Locator is the new, complete, workforce management solution.

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