Tracker Security's IntelliWear is changing the way the world looks at locating and tracking people in outdoor environments. Handheld GPS devices are no longer necessary, as now the display can be integrated into the clothing of those in the field.

Typically built into a jacket sleeve, IntelliWear give the wearer the ability to immediately view their position, and the location of others in their group, as easy as looking at a wrist watch.

Parts of the IntelliWear System:
•  Ruggedized outdoor display and washable keypad easily incorporated into various clothing designs
•  GPS/GSM unit attached to clothing or backpack
•  Mobile phone software for added features
•  Internet based software for tracking and sharing information

IntelliWear Features:
•  View current position data
•  Designed to stand up to use in harsh, outdoor environments
•  Engineered to operate using a variety of communication systems
•  Reportable information: speed, elevation, direction, distance

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