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GTS GPS Tracking Devices

Tracker's GTS tracking devices provide unlimited tracking range in GSM cellular coverage. Using GPS/GSM/GPRS technology,


The GTS-100 is Tracker Security's extremely durable GPS/GPRS/GSM tracking device. With the base features to allow tracking and locating, the GTS-100 is a robust and reliable device.


Tracker Security's GTS-200 is a small and lightweight GPS/GSM tracking device. The device features an on-board speaker allowing for two-way communication between the wearer and those monitoring their movement. An on-board panic button is available for emergency situations.

Choosing your GPS Tracking Device

Feature GTS-200 GTS-100
Durability High Extreme
Water Proof High Extreme
Speaker Yes No
Alarm Buzzer Yes Yes
Panic Button Yes No
Vibrate Mode Yes No
Weight 86g 135g
Battery Life
Full Power 24 hours 18 hours
Economy Mode 48 hours 30 hours
Standby Mode 7 days 5 day


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